There is a whole lot of system that takes place in a business whether it is electronics, heavy duty towing, car dealership and whatnot. And… an art gallery is no different. Despite the fact that the review process might be distinctive for every gallery, it follows the basics. Being able to understand the procedure for how galleries choose artists can help you in preparing your work and also, the submission of your materials. Eventually, this can help in achieving success in your artwork and also, in your career.

The selection process by every gallery is going to be different. Normally, galleries are using 3 different reviews which are the committee, partner and owner review. Among which, we will be focusing on the Committee Review.

Committee Review

This is rarely used and a formal approach. It also comes with strict deadlines and submission guidelines that ought to be met. This is mainly used by long-established commercial galleries or at times, academic institutions. Galleries that are using formal review method are only reviewing a couple of artworks per year and being an artist, you’ll likely come across them when you are submitting to museum events or trying to enter shows.

There are actually no tricks and tips that can show you how to succeed here. You definitely have to follow their guidelines for submissions with great care and also, look closely at the work of other artists who’ve been accepted before. Remember as well that these galleries are always after for consistency in artwork. Thus, they’re more likely to go with artists who show common characteristics with other artworks they have in their gallery.

What Galleries are looking for in Artists?

Each and every gallery is looking for artwork that’ll show how success in their space. This can mean many different things depending on the institutions and galleries. For example, in academic galleries, they’re looking for community interest and publicity while in commercial galleries, they’re after sales. So, you have to know the goals of the gallery you want to submit your artwork and match yours with theirs. By the time you figure this out, getting your artwork displayed in a gallery would be less of a challenge.